If you are experiencing dark spot on your face or having hard time getting a part of your body clear of dark spot, make a mixture of lime/lemon and honey. Then apply to the part of your body that you are caring for 10 to 20 minutes , Next, wash and rinse out with lookwarm water. Repeat this everyday till your skin clear. If you experience a skin irritation, replace the lime/lemon by cucumber jus. Hope this helps.

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2 thoughts on “Skin Care

  • June 28, 2012 at 10:40 am

    i wanted to give praise to your hair face and body cream(in the blue jar) first i like the smell because i cannot tolerate most scents. i like it because i can put in on my little boys’ skin and it actually works. it soaks into his skin and relieves dryness and ash and most of all because is does not irritate his skin. i use it for my face, body and hair with good results. thanks kovi

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