Happy Thanksgivings for y’all. O Lord, I thank you for all have done again for me my Family, Friends; I thank you and glorify your name for the people You have put into my life, my ways. I also thank you for those and the things you have taken away from me. Oh God, I worship you for the new things that you have allowed to learn, to hear, to know, to discover, to hear_say. May your spirit guide us mentioned in this prayer to use all the graces You give us accordingly for your glory. May this day be a new Thanksgivings one that we all consider as a sign of God’s presence in our families, on the earth too and in the world, presence that everyone should consider to live and do things according to God’s recommandations in order to make the world a better place for us His Creatures to leave and accomplish our mission; the purpose for which He has created Us. Peace and Love to one another

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