Akouavi attended Century College, Minnesota where she graduated in May 2008 with an Associate Degree in Cosmetology. She works with relaxers, colors, perms, natural hair, weaves and specializes in hair and scalp treatment as the key to a healthy and strong hair. She does natural looking sewing in weaves and lace front or full lace wig placement.

Akouavi passionately educate clients about their hair, help them love their hair, and advise them on required hair care between salon visits. At her licensed home based salon, she emphasizes client’s privacy and comfort because these are necessary elements that will ease any client‘s confidence. As a Documentalist , Akouavi continues to enhance her skills, through ongoing education, workshops, seminars and personal researches on beauty care ingredients. Lastly, she is continuously in contact and at training sessions with the beauty industry professionals.

Akouavi has a passion working in her field and it is always a great feeling for her to help other women bring out their beauty and love who they are.

It is very important that women should be able to receive services in a private setting. That is why at Passion Beauty, we offer services on appointment only with little to no waiting time.

Akouavi believes that clients’ time is precious, so she does not overbook appointments to avoid the long waiting time. She encourages her clients to work together with her on their hair care journey. Even when a client does not know what she wants, Akouavi will work with such clients through the entire process of finding the best hair care and hair style. She strongly believes in catering to the health of the hair before moving to styling.

Passion Beauty's multicultural and internationally trained staff is equipped to address dry, oily and damaged hair and scalp due to over-processing, chemical breakage , color corrections and other hair and scalp problems. We invite you to visit and experience our friendly and passionate drive.