What are your hair problems? Are you losing your hair? I am not going to be too long on this because it is a tip of the month. More words will be posted if the needs arise. I just want to let you know that if you find that you are losing your hair, the very first thing to do is to stop whatever you have been doing that might be the reason why you are experiencing hair lost. I have met many women who have been going from one stylist or hairdressers to the other in search of better solutions. Sometimes we need to sit back and wonder why the things we are experiencing with our hair are occurring. Is it from our stylist, the products, the manipulations. I have come to realize that we need patience in everything we do. If something is not looking good, we all have to take the time to think, observe, meditate, yes meditate and pray. I have come to ask some women if they have ever prayed about their hair and scalp. Most have answered that they have never thought about it. There are more to say but I have to leave the post at this point. Your questions and comments are welcome and will engender more information.

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