Posted on June 25, 2012

I’ve just finished doing a new client’s hair and this is the story behind her hair: She had dread Locks (Natural) and it was all her own hair for years. Now she decided to wear her hair in a Fro. To achieve that, she combed the Locks out. Then she found that the Fro was not manageable. Then, she decided to apply relaxer to her hair. I am glad to have her because I have learned so much again. During the consultation, I checked the hair and the scalp. Although there was nothing or no obvious damage to her hair, I realized that she has some damages to the scalp at the hair-line. We talked about all the possibilities and versatility of styles or things she could do with her hair. Then we concluded this: No relaxer right now until I learn to know and understand her hair. You will not understand one’s hair until you work with it. After that, we scheduled her for a service: treatment. When she came the next time for her first service, oh Lord! It took me more than three times’ efforts to achieve a straight look. (Thermal care). My Missy’s hair was very though even the relaxer wouldn’t have worked at this first time.

What I have learned most is that, her hair was softer then, than it is now. It then became tougher or became harder during those years due to the Dread Locks. Now we have to work together to bring her hair to be more flexible, manageable, with a better elasticity before we can decide whether she still want to apply the relaxer or keep it natural. Stylists, please never assume that you know what you are doing or saying without really getting to learn to understand, know the type of hair you are going to work with. Consultation is a key to better service our valuable clientele. Stay blessed

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