Christmas and New Year were the most important days one could receive a gift. In order to be
eligible to receive a gift from our parents, we really had to work for it and
it worked for us. First of all, we had to make sure we were nice, obedient and
respectful, hard worker before our parents; most of the time it was the father
who will judge of how good or bad we as children were in order to get some
tries. So we knew that. That is why we did apply ourselves greatly and on the
Christmas day, we offered pictures of flowers, birds accompanied with nice
words acknowledging how good our parents were to us during the year, how much
they mean to us, what they deserve and lastly we wished them happiness, better
health for the end of the previous year and coming year. We wished them
prosperity and plenty of good things. We offered some pictures and these
pictures were drowned by us on a paper that we put in an envelope and posted at
our parents, family members and family friends very early morning before they
woke up. Then we got the best food that we did not eat often in our family. We
went to church, if we were believers, helped our mothers cook and with the
necessaries when family members and friend came in. Moreover, we had to go to
other people that we offered our drawings so that we could get for our gifts in
return. As I am writing this today, some children somewhere in world didn’t
even have what I had and people I had around. Another children at some parts of
the world didn’t even know what these periods of gifts meant. Moreover there
are still children hoping to get a smile from somebody. That why I am begging
Santa Clause when he comes, not to forget about those who are really in need.

Remain blessed.


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