I have just finished coloring a lady’s hair and the results are fabulous and I come to share this.
on a natural kinky curly hair, I always believe that more care and gentleness should be applied. So this morning when Miss Lady came for her hair color I mixed half of three different things: 1- Socolor 2N and 1N from Matrix
2-20 volume Cream developer
3-colorlast conditioner revitalisant
After mixing all in a color bowl, the mixture was applied to Miss Lady’s hair at the root to the ends for grey coverage.
Wonderful results: the hair came out black not obviously showing that a hair color was just been applied. I know you are thinking that I should have used the 10 volume cream developer for darker color. But I used the 20 volume in half and half a conditioner for gentleness on the hair.
What do you have to say about that? have a wonderful, blessed time as you are reading this.