You must also change the practices that have led to the damage in the first place.

Avoid too tight pulling of the hair from braids, weaves especially around the edges where the hair is the most vulnerable.
-no more chemical chemical services such as relaxer, perm, color if the hair is already over processed or in a weakened state.
In my personal experience, the front lace weaves Itch my hair line and this phenomena makes me feel like my hair is being traumatised at the hair lines. so avoid lace front wig or sew-ins if the scalp already lacks proper stimulation or is already chemically damaged.
Stop every day’s or daily flat ironing or blow drying
Use alcohol free based styling helps such as sprays and gels that harden and dry out the hair.
Use natural carrier and essential oils of your choice to massage your scalp and hair. I recommend that you do the scalp massage as many time as you can in a relaxed atmosphere. Try this to repair your hair and let me know

Honey-Banana Hair Mask


1/2 reped banana or a jar of baby food (banana)

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon lemon juice


Mash banana and mix honey and lemon juice to it. Beat the mixture until it is frothy.

Apply this mixture when hair is dry or wet after shampooing . After 30 minutes, wash it with mild shampoo and lightly condition your hair with a conditioner for drie damaged hair.

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