Coloring, perms, and relaxers are great for enhancing the look and feel of hair. It is important to remember that chemicals can cause breakage. There’s a lot you can do to prevent this from happening with a few simple rules.

Do not over process your hair. Never overlap the relaxer onto previously relaxed hair. Try to go five to six weeks between relaxer touch-ups. When you use color on your hair, do it a week before or a week after the relaxer.

Do not let your hair get too tangled. If it does take your time, be very patient and finger detangle your hair first. Then comb knots and tangles from the ends gently and work toward the scalp. This will help reduce excess breakage. When brushing your hair be careful, because the bristles can be harsh. Use boar bristles brush.

Do not use heat on your hair every day. Blow drying and curling irons on your hair can cause damage. Limit the use of heat on your hair. Use an oil sheen at least a few times a week for a soft silky look.

Keep your split ends clipped, if you don’t, they will split all the way up to the root and your hair will start breaking. Always use a moisturizing conditioner after washing your hair to keep it softer and smoother.

Hot oil massage treatment once a week is one of the best ways to put moisture back into your hair to protect hair from damage.natural oils will do. also add it to damp hair before blow drying.

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