Frequently Asked Questions

There is no hair shop or salon without worries. We’ll like to let you know that you are not alone and that you are not the first to question something you do not know much about or that you want to better understand. Therefore, in order to offer good service, we have answers to some questions that have been frequently asked by respective clients.

How do you schedule your clients?
Do you sometimes refuse to accept clients?
What are your prices?

Recommended Weave extensions

What types of brands do you recommend for weave extension?
How many packs of hair do I need for a full weave?

Perm or Relaxers and Color

What hair colors do you recommend?
Can I have my hair colored the same day you relaxed my hair?
Do you do weaves for White people?
How long does one’s hair need to be in order to get a weave?
What should I do to my hair prior to my weave and braids appointment?
How long will it take to get a weave done?
Do your clients have to wait a while before they get their hair done after scheduling?
I want a sewn-in weave, but I have natural hair. Do I have to get a relaxer?
I am Caucasian and I have thin and short hair. I just want to know if you can weave my hair to give a body and a length?
Do you care for damaged hair?
Are there any restrictions when getting weaves, braids/extensions?

Hair & Weave Care

How long do you recommend a client to wear her weave?
What could happen if I leave my weave in longer than the recommended time?
What should I put on my hair underneath the weave?
How often should I shampoo my weave?
Is there a particular shampoo that you recommend for the weave?
What is the best way to shampoo my weave?
What type of relaxer do you use in your salon?
Do you do hair cut at Passion Beauty?
Do you to braids at Passion Beauty?

Fusion Services

How long does this process take?

What kind of hair do you use for fusion?

Fusion Care

Will fusion cause damage to my hair?
Can I use the fusion method to grow my hair out?

 Other  Important Information

where do I get my hair extensions from. ?
How can I communicate what I want you to do in terms of style ?
My friend at work's hair is very short and very damaged. She can't just wear it like that and she needs you to either relax her hair or texturize it for her. What do you think?

Daily Maintenance
How long can I keep my quick weave in?
Why wait until you experience hair problems?

Some important sources

In addition to all the local beauty supplies, we recommend: