The name “Blue Jar” was given to one of the concoctions that we make at Passion Beauty in caring for our clients’ hair and scalp by one of our client’s husband. We started putting natural oils together as we tried most brand names of professional hair and scalp products out there. After thinking back of our origin we at Passion Beauty LLC came up with what we put as: if you can not eat it, then do not apply it on your skin or hair. The “Blue Jar” as all our clients like to call it is meant to work on the skin, scalp and hair. So here is of testimony among other:

After suffering from eczema for years and constant visits to the dermatologist to help relieve dry, itchy skin and dark spots, none of the medical prescriptions worked. When I started using the cream made at Passion Beauty,I began to see and feel progressive result immediately. The dark spots were gone within two (2) weeks, my eczema stopped flaring up and the dark spots were completely gone. . Now I use the cream on my face, scalp and hair daily. My hair has continued to stay moisturized without chemicals as it now longer gets dry and brittle and breaks. Over all, this cream has helped me attain healthy skin and hair, most importantly it is all natural and saves me $300.00 per doctors visits and prescription. Ashley,
Miss Ashley we thank you and pray that our concoction continues to help us all as it has to you. We thank God for his grace, mercy and blessings